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The top five daily articles on Hacker News

About Daily Hacker News

One of the most popular sources of tech news and views is Hacker News (https://news.ycombinator.com/news), a social news site run by investment fund and startup incubator Y Combinator. The site uses an algorithm to compile and rank hundreds of news stories and discussions from around the world about computer science, technology and entrepreneurship, awarding stories points based on when they were submitted, user flags, and so on. More than five million tech enthusiasts visit Hacker News every month to read articles, share news, share their own tech projects, ask questions, post jobs, and engage with the global tech community.

Despite the relative simplicity of the Hacker News site, frequent visitors know how time consuming it can be to click through the thousands of articles aggregated by Hacker News to find the most important tech news of the day.

That’s where Daily Hacker News comes in.

Find the best stories on Hacker News, sorted by date

If you want a quick overview of the absolute top tech news stories on Hacker News, Daily Hacker News has you covered. Daily Hacker News helps readers filter out the best stories on Hacker News quickly. We built our super simple website to aggregate the top technology news stories on any given day. Our site is structured to allow visitors who love Hacker News to watch each story increase or decrease in popularity in real time.

The Daily Hacker News algorithm

Our Hacker News aggregator is powered by an algorithm that scrapes current stories on Hacker News and indexes the best five articles of the day based on the score of each story and which ones are most popular. Once our algorithm has chosen the five top Hacker News stories of the day, they are posted by day for readers to review on our website. Visitors can also scroll down to view previous top five lists by date, going directly to each article on the site where it originally appeared or going to the comment area about the article on the Y Combinator site to discuss. Visitors can also upvote their favorite articles.

About our team

Daily Hacker News is an initiative built by Joeri Smits, with help from Martijn Schoenmaker and Arjan Groenen, who worked on UX and design. All three are tech enthusiasts and fans of Hacker News who wanted to create a simple website to highlight the most important tech news each day.

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